Sierra’s Spokesmodel Session Had Glamour AND Grit!

Sierra’s session starts a little trend with the class of 2015 spokesmodels as the first of three younger siblings of former seniors of ours and she is also one of five in this class whom we have photographed before.  Sierra actually appeared on the cover of our brochure from last year with the rest of her wonderful family, and we photographed two of her older siblings for their senior pictures featured here and here.  Sierra’s family has a strong athletic tradition and we of course wanted to highlight that here, but that was only a part of her session, and we will get to that a little later.  There are plenty of sides to Sierra so we wanted to present some options for the senior who can display versatility!  The “glamour AND grit”!!!

For now let’s start with super cute.


Just a simple white background and a nice smile can work every time and we like poses that frame the face like this one.  We also like a thoughtful pose up close in black and white like this next one – stunning!


We also love a little bit of attitude – so much fun!  Loving the leather…

Glamour and Grit

Now is where the session started to “heat up”!  Check out this behind-the-scenes vine of the action and you will see what we mean…

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