Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session!

Yes Rachel rocked her spokesmodel session and we loved it!  Rachel and our own daughter are friends which made this extra special for us, and we must say our Lacey has good taste in friends.  We love Rachel’s red hair and green eyes and could not wait to get outside on location with her in some rural and natural settings.  The red hair against a barn for example?  Yes!  Ally was brimming with ideas for this one and Rachel delivered for sure.

Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session

We started out with our black and blowy set up and a green shirt to bring out Rachel’s green eyes.  Just stunning really!  We love this.  That was all we did in the studio.  As we mentioned in a previous post our remaining spokesmodel sessions for the class of 2015 will mostly be outside now that the weather is (mostly) warming up.

Next we went to a barn as we mentioned earlier and we got this awesome result.  So pretty!

Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session

Here is our behind the scenes vine of the session starting with the barn and then moving on to a trail where we focused on some more natural settings of trees and water.

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