One More Leah – Spokesmodeling In The Sun!

This year we have two Leahs representing our studio as spokesmodels!  We have had a great time photographing both of them so far and their spokesmodel sessions were the polar opposites of each other – literally!  Our first Leah was outside in the snow with huge fluffy flakes, while our latest Leah went spokesmodeling in the sun!  We will get to those in a second.  We started in the studio so let’s kick it off with this fun and playful shot!

Spokesmodeling in the sun

Leah was one of the first spokesmodels we met with this year and the way the schedule worked out we decided to slot her for a warmer weather session.  We have mentioned in our last few posts that we are focusing much of our last few spokesmodel sessions on getting as many outdoor photos as possible.  Now that the weather has warmed up we are happy to be outside in some of our favorite locations.

Spokesmodeling in the sun

We have used the stone wall above before and we love it here with this close up!  The close up really draws you right in to Leah’s pretty hazel eyes.  Next we moved to the barn which is really popular as a backdrop, and this next shot is fantastic.  Great dress, great pose and we love the backlight on Leah’s hair!

Spokesmodeling in the sun

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session!

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