We Love Twin Sister Seniors! First Up: Nikki!

We love twin sister seniors!  What’s not to love?  There is just something nice about twins in general – they have a bond that the rest of us who aren’t twins may not totally understand, but it’s fun to watch on a day when we can be a part of something special like their senior pictures!  But it doesn’t end there… for these girls it was extra special because we did dance pictures for them for years when they were younger, so it’s really neat to see them so grown up!

We started in the studio so let’s start with a photo of Nikki on the black background…

twin sister seniors

Adorable right?  We didn’t spend a ton of time in the studio and from here on out we’ll look at some highlights of the location photos.  We think oranges, maroons and earth tones in general look nice when the fall colors are in full effect in Michigan and we love Nikki in the orange in this photo:   twin sister seniors

Let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of Nikki from the day!  You’ll notice that we posted Nikki’s vine second, but we flipped it for the blog posts…  haha!

We actually found a new trail that we hadn’t used before on this session that we named for the girls (constant readers you know that’s how we roll) and we found perfect twin trees there for them!  Take a look at this shot of Nikki and Lindsay together – love this!

twin sister seniors

Now back to Nikki – we have two more to show you on a bridge that you’ve probably seen on this blog before…

twin sister seniors

And one more – this time a full length of Nikki just being cute in the other direction…

twin sister seniors

So there you have it – so this is “part one” and the plan is to bring you “part two” tomorrow, so be sure to check back and see Lindsay’s post!

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